FODL Volunteers

Volunteer Spotlight

Donna Burt was well known in Dunwoody for her beautiful rose-filled yard on Joel Place long before she joined FODL volunteers. She has used her landscaping talents as a past liaison with the Dunwoody Garden Club, the group that maintains the impressive plantings at our library entrance. We are also proud that she shares her many talents and received the Dave Adams award in 2020 from the Dunwoody Nature Center.

Donna became a Friends volunteer more than ten years ago. She started coming to sales and was encouraged to come help set them up. Jim Freeman asked for her help in organizing Non-U.S. History, and she has become an expert in that area. Donna also is responsible for organizing books about gardening, home arts, and crafts for our sales.

In the past during sale setup, we would often talk with this delightful woman as she organized books sitting under a table. She always arrives early, works hard, and leaves only to be home in time to care for her dog.

Donna cherishes the many friends she has met as a Friends volunteer and delights in the many books at bargain prices added to her own library. Join us in thanking her!