The Friends of the Dunwoody Library (FODL) is an all volunteer, nonprofit corporation formed in 1979 to assist in improving the Dunwoody Branch of Dekalb County, Georgia public library system. FODL provides funds to supplement Dekalb funding for books and materials for the library collection, to fund programs to meet the community needs, and to fund some capital improvements to the Dunwoody Branch. Over 500 individuals and family members belong to the organization. No officers, directors, or volunteers receive any compensation, and there are no paid employees of FODL. 
WHERE DOES THE MONEY GO?          All Figures are from 2019 P&L
If I support the Friends of the Dunwoody Library through

cash and book donations, volunteering my time and buying books, where does the money go????

Collection Enhancements:  New Books for the Library, DVDs, Music, Periodicals, Memorial Books. 35%

Equipment: Equipment for the Library, electronic or otherwise, Furniture, maintenance of building and grounds. Yes, Dekalb County is supposed to do this, but when money is tight and things move slowly, we are there to help.     43%

Adult and Juvenile Programs:   Supplementing Dekalb County funding for programs, particularly the Summer Reading Program.  4%

Library Staff Support: Operating Supplies, things needed on a short notice, Recognition & Rewards. 5%

System Support and Programs: DeKalb Library Foundation, Processing Center and 

Project REAP (literacy).   5%

General Operations--Friends of the Dunwoody Library:

Bank Fees, Book Sale Advertising, Insurance, Printing and Postage, Professional Fees and Dues, Supplies and IT Support.  As you notice, no one is paid for all the long hours and hard work that goes into managing and working to get ready for the Book Sales.  8%

The Friends of the Dunwoody Library (FODL) is managed by a group of elected officers and an appointed Board of Directors. FODL is a nonprofit corporation registered in Georgia and is recognized by the IRS as a 

501(c)(3) nonprofit. As a nonprofit corporation, by state and federal law, the public has a right to see the tax returns for the past three years. IRS form 990 EZ can be downloaded for free at the web site CharityNavagator.org

The Employee Identification Number is 581572414. Type "Friends of the Dunwoody Library Inc” in the box and sign in or register. There is no charge to register. Click on the following link for FODL information or contact the FODL Treasurer 


Officers are elected annually by the membership. The President appoints non-officer members of the Board of Directors, who chair FODL’s working committees, determine the annual budget and transact other business as needed. The Board operates under written By-Laws. None of the officers or directors are paid for their service.