The FODL does not accept books that are damaged, missing pages, moldy, or smell of cigarette smoke. 


Thank you for your continuing donations of gently used books.



 Fiction (Must Have Book Jacket)  All
 Mysteries (Must Have Book Jacket)  All
 Children's  All
 Young Adult  10 Years
 Art  All
 Business  5 Years
 Computer  5 Years
 Cookbooks  All
 Health  5 Years
 History  All
 Religion  All
 Sports  10 Years
 Travel Essays  All
 Travel Guidebooks  5 Years
 Reference Books - Sets (No Missing Books)  5 Years
 Reference Books (Dictionaries, Thesauruses)   5 Years
 Weekly Magazines (Time, Sports Illustrated, etc.)  Current Week
 Culture Magazine (People, Entertainment Weekly, US)        
 1 Year
 Cooking Magazines  1 Year
 National Geographic  3 Years and Pre-1980
 Southern Living   1 Year
 Vintage Magazines  Pre-1980
 All Other Magazines   1 Year
 Records (LP's)  All
 CD's   None
 Cassettes  None
 DVD's (No Homemade)  All
 VHS  None
 Audio Books - CD (No Homemade)   All
 Audio Books - Cassettes   None
 Computer Programs  
 Software  None
 User's Guides  None
 Games and Puzzles  
 Board Games (No Missing Pieces)  All
 Jigsaw Puzzles (No Missing Pieces)  All
 Puzzle Books (Must be Unsolved)  All